18650 battery charging method

18650   battery   charging method is a systematic problem: capacity, currents and their relationship, charging method used, selection of chargers, which will affect the   18650   applicability of battery charging methods, let us select from the charger to start. In accordance with the   18650   structural characteristics of lithium-ion batteries and charging system of national standards, should select less than power the smaller volume of   1/5   The current charger   (   For small-capacity   18650   battery pack, we can select   0.5C   charging current   )   On the market,   18650   battery capacity   1800~2600mAh   Between selected   lithium battery   charger should be in   350~500mAh   between the charger is the right choice, you can avoid high current damage to the battery, is also up for grabs in the context of security makes the shortest charging time, from this point of view, select charger is   18650   first important battery charging method.   Selected on the charger,   1