18650 battery charging method

18650 battery charging method is a systematic problem: capacity, currents and their relationship, charging method used, selection of chargers, which will affect the 18650 applicability of battery charging methods, let us select from the charger to start.
In accordance with the 18650 structural characteristics of lithium-ion batteries and charging system of national standards, should select less than power the smaller volume of 1/5 The current charger ( For small-capacity 18650 battery pack, we can select 0.5C charging current ) On the market, 18650 battery capacity 1800~2600mAh Between selected lithium battery charger should be in 350~500mAh between the charger is the right choice, you can avoid high current damage to the battery, is also up for grabs in the context of security makes the shortest charging time, from this point of view, select charger is 18650 first important battery charging method.
 Selected on the charger, 18650 battery charging method is divided into two steps: first, constant current and constant voltage. The first step is to constant current charging voltage up to 4.2V near, the second step is to set values into constant voltage charging voltages up to charger, constant voltage charging, voltage is not changed, the current decreases, current decreases to 0.02C stop charging.
Without protection panels 18650 the battery, you need to improve 18650 battery charging method in order to form a long-term mechanism for improving battery performance, specifically: for new or long-term shelving 18650 two or three times the depth of the lithium ion battery charging and discharging, which helps cells in the cathode to form a protective film to prevent battery "passivization", and for battery protection board, you do not need.
Because lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, in theory, can be recharged at any time feel free to discharge, but is plenty of power for a long time without charging or battery always effective. 18650 battery charging method is one of the most important and therefore are not battery just to 20~30% when they rush to charge, which is equivalent to a full four or five shallow discharge, tests showed that shallow discharge the end result is: the frequent discharge of 18650 battery charging method could offer would be less than the total electricity volume normal (power 85%~90%) discharge 18650 battery charging method can provide total electricity, an average of nearly 1/4, method of judging the normal fill time is also very simple, as long as 18650 battery charge reaches that point, using equipment will send a signal.
By 18650 introduction of charging methods, we know 18650 battery charger selection criteria, see 18650 battery charging are constant current and constant voltage mode, and how to select the charging time in accordance with the 18650 battery charging method, I believe your battery power lasts, destruction will never come.
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